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Senior Citizen Discounts – An Extra Reason to Invest & Retire in Roatan

Senior Citizen Discounts – An Extra Reason to Invest & Retire in Roatan

Senior Citizen Discounts : An Extra Reason to Consider Retiring in Roatan

While some tropical countries, notably Panama, have for decades lured retirees with senior citizen discounts, others, like Honduras, have kept their programs low key.  That is changing.

 On July 10, 2019 the Bay Islands Tourism Bureau notified its members that a “mystery shopper” was being sent by the government to the island, posing as a person over 60, and asking for their senior citizen discount.  Enacted by law in 2007, these discounts can make a substantial difference to a retiree.  They include:

  • 25% discount on travel fares by land, sea, or air, national or international, from private or public companies operating in Honduras
  • 30% discount on hotels from Monday through Friday, and 20% on Saturday and Sunday
  • 25% discount on food from restaurants and cafeterias
  • 30% discount on cable television bills and internet
  • 25% in real estate taxes on properties held in the name of the senior
  • 20% discount from hospitals and private clinics
  • 25% in professional services in engineering, architecture, and law
  • 50% discount on entrance tickets to cinemas, theaters, museums, sports events and public or private concerts
  • 25% discount on consultations with general practice doctors and 30% on consultations with specialists
  • 25% discount on prescribed medicines and surgical materials
  • 25% discount on surgery, cardiology, optometry, ophthalmology and laboratory work, including frames and lenses
  • 30% discount on radiological services, and exams and tests of computerized medicine
  • 30% discount on the purchase of prostheses or auxiliary equipment such as crutches, wheelchairs, orthopedic and orthopedic beds 
  • 25% discount on funerals, cemetery plots, caskets and funeral services
  • 25% discount on an electricity bill up to 1,000 lempiras monthly
  • 30% discount on cable television bills
  • 25% discount on a water bill up to 300 lempiras
  • 2% discount on mortgage loan rates
  • 25% discount on airport exit taxes
Picture Perfect is The Seaside Resort Community of Palmetto Bay – located on the Calm Caribbean Seas of the North Shore

The discount program, enacted in its current form in 2007, applies to “Hondurans by birth or naturalized, and foreigners residing in the country who are over 60 years old.”   Seniors are colorfully called the “Tercera Edad,” or “Third Age.”

If the cash is not enough to entice you, the law also requires places such as banks to let you “jump the line,” often providing a special line for Tercera Edad.  This can save you a lot of time.

 While businesses are supposed to post the availability of these discounts, few do.  But the program is not voluntary.  Those who refuse the discounts are subject to progressive fines and ultimately to the loss of their business licenses.  Still, the discount must be requested and will almost never be offered, no matter how old you look.  But with the arrival of the “mystery shopper,” we can look to more businesses to get on board.

Of course, these discounts are extended to residents, not to tourists.  But when you come to visit Roatan, and like it, this program is an extra reason for you to find it affordable.

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