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Roatan is internationally recognized and is the largest island within the Bay Islands.s 64 kilometers (40 miles) in length, it is surrounded by over 97 kilometers (60 miles) of living reef, giving rise to some of the most spectacular underwater seascapes the Western Caribbean has to offer. Add the healthiest coral reefs in the region plus an abundance of tropical marine life and Roatan earns it’s well-deserved reputation as a divers’ and snorkelers’ paradise, with dozens of world-class dive sites to choose from, most of which are in close proximity to the island and are readily accessible.

Roatan’s top industry is tourism with 7 cruise ships porting each week on the South Shore of the Island. A growing expat community and dedicated diving community have been attracted to a thriving second home, Hotel and Dive Resort market. The West End Village our sea village and the West Bay community are area’s of Roatan, that are amongst the main tourist hub of the island.

The North Shore of Roatan has currently opened up with new infrastructure but still remains pristine and secluded. It is the small attention to the details of this side of the island that has attracted homeowners to choose to build High-end boutique homes. The reef and waters of the North shore are beautiful showing blue-green turquoise colors with crystal clear views of the reef. Much of this shore provides Roatan a more natural environment.  Many resort communities are located in this area which includes Palmetto Bay, Blue Harbor, Pristine bay and also Man o war cay.

Pete Dye, a famous golf course designer has designed a golf course located within Pristine Bay.

Many expats around the island have chosen to relocate here to enjoy the warmer temperatures, friendly people, and the healthy environment the Islands have to offer.

Our powdery white-sand beaches, the variety of beach bars and restaurants offer a wide selection of international and ethnic cuisine, in addition to local street food.

Relatively new to tourism the eastern part of Roatan is coming alive with new infrastructure although still pristine. Remote destinations such as  Camp Bay, Jonesville point, Oakridge, Punta Gorda offer truly authentic, memorable island experiences.