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Why Roatan?

Whether you’re searching for a vacation home or a place to retire to full time, Roatan’s beautiful coastlines, warm-weather, friendly government and infrastructure may offer the ideal Caribbean location for your home away from home.

Roatan is approximately 40 miles long and three miles wide with a few cays and islets situated 10 to 40 miles off the Northern coast of Honduras. Roatan is one the largest Islands of the three major Bay Islands. Roatan is situated right in the middle of Utila, and Guanaja (Bonacca) and is part of The Bay Islands.

The Bay Islands are surrounded by the largest barrier reef system in the northern hemisphere called the Meso-American Barrier Reef. The Bay Islands are known for its pristine coral reefs, amazing marine life, and the gentle giant of the sea Whale sharks sightings.

Roatan has green rolling hills, tropical beaches, and multi-blue crystal clear waters. English is its first language, as the island was settled by English pirates, whose accent can still be heard in the wonderful and welcoming first settled island families. Government business (legal Work) is done in Spanish, but many expats get along well speaking only English.

The expat community is warm and welcoming and a “first world” life can be lived here.

Honduras is a stable democracy, trading in Dollars is common, the banks are efficient. High-end homes are priced, bought and sold, in U.S. dollars. U.S. currency is widely accepted in Roatan.

Roatan offers year-round mild temperatures. The average daytime high is 88 degrees with an average low of 77 degrees.

Swimming and watersports are delightful on Roatan, with ocean temperatures ranging from 74 degrees F. to 84 degrees F.

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